The buffet chain said it is reinventing its operations for the age of coronavirus.

CEO Lance Trenary joins the RB podcast “A Deeper Dive” this week to discuss the chain’s numerous responses to the pandemic, including alcohol and drive-thrus.

BP America, Sheetz, Wawa, GetGo among chains that gave back

With cases going down and vaccines ramping up, many believe that the end of the era of quarantines is near, says RB’s The Bottom Line.

The USDA, FDA and CDC have not found credible evidence to the contrary.

Provides added layer of protection for employees, protects coworkers and families

Provides best practices, actionable tools for retailers to educate, communicate with employees

Foodservice provider Cura Hospitality shares its culinary passion to lift employees’ spirits.

As sales come close to pre-pandemic levels, the company is looking to licensing and e-commerce for sustained growth.

Restaurant chains in other parts of the world are taking their food on the road.

Virtual kitchens continue to build momentum in noncommercial and elsewhere.

New research shows how consumer behavior changed amid the pandemic and the extent to which it will stick.

The Lempert Report: Layering the pandemic on top of general market trends has made the situation worse.

Created by FMI–The Food Industry Association, the day celebrates employees at every level for serving their communities during periods of crisis, such as the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Chef Perry Hendrix is taking the iconic restaurant in new directions and into a large second space.

Chef Perry Hendrix is taking the iconic restaurant in new directions and into a larger second location.

While more nutrition workers across the country are eligible for the vaccine, many are struggling to schedule appointments due to limited supplies.

Kroger announces two QFC store closures in response to government-mandated hazard pay increases for grocery workers in Seattle.

The latest flurry of comeback measures includes the launch of virtual concepts, a tweaked menu and growth through conversions.

More than 80% of operators said their recovery would be hurt by the higher minimum, with cuts in hours and jobs, according to a National Restaurant Association survey.

Elementary students should have access to in-person instruction even when community transmission of COVID-19 is high, the CDC says.

The healthcare division of Kroger is expanding its portfolio of testing solutions by partnering with Gauss on the rapid at-home test.

The Lempert Report: New York's Latino community has been disproportionately affected by the pandemic due in part to social inequality.

Reilly was with GPM, Mapco, Spinx, Sheetz; Williams was with Thorntons

Single-meal and big-group orders lost share of spend to tabs in the $20-$80 range.

Target will provide up to four hours of pay for workers who get the vaccine and free Lyft rides to vaccination sites.

As schools welcome students back, some have already put stronger restrictions in place to avoid further spread of COVID-19.

Could the new work-from-home reality reshape U.S. c-stores?

The hospitality business has landed 18% of all loans to date.

And why I’m tired of hearing about COVID-19